With this disease as candidiasis treatment traditional methods will not help

Candidiasis in women can arise not only at representatives of childbearing age, but also in women who have not had sexual intercourse. The explanation is simple – fungi multiply rather quickly at lower immunity, as well as the uncontrolled use of antibiotics, which destroy the normal microflora along with pathogens. This niche rather quickly is occupied fungi of the genus Candida, and develops a thrush.

The reasons for the development of Candida a lot, consider the most common

Reducing the body’s defenses from illness or stress. Shifts in hormonal levels during pregnancy and before menstruation. Receiving oral hormonal contraceptives, antibiotics. Using feminine hygiene care products that contain alkaline substances and flavors. Vitamin deficiency also leads to a decrease in the support organism to various infections, deterioration of the condition skin and mucous membranes. can to complicate the disease and existence harmful habits such as smoking and alcoholism.

Candidiasis in women is more difficult to diagnose because it often occurs in a latent form, without any signs. The main symptoms of thrush pronounced itching and burning sensation in the area of the external genitalia and vaginal discharge may be cheesy consistency of sour odor, sometimes can be confusing pain with urination, sexual intercourse. You also need to mention that we are now often confronted with another kind of yeast infection such as oral candidiasis symptoms which allow distinguishing it from stomatitis. The presence of white or pink-red ulcers, both the language and the mucous membrane, a change of taste, burning ache in the throat.

You have a question arises: how to treat candida?

In any case, you must apply for a detailed consultation to a specialist. For diagnosis it will be necessary to hold a number of important laboratory tests, including crop contents of the vagina on the microflora and to determine the sensitivity of fungi to medicines, in order to maximize the right to choose an effective method of treatment. Always in the diagnosis of candidiasis treatment is given complete, that is used not only tablets, and topical preparations such as suppositories, vaginal tablets or douching with special solutions. Wanting to get rid of yeast infection, try to boost immunity.

On the Internet you will find a lot of information, how to treat candidiasis, but remember that the self can be quite dire consequences for your health. Treatment is always assigned to both sexual partners, even if some of them are not pronounced symptoms in order to avoid recurrence of the disease. It advised to avoid casual sex or use a condom for the prevention of thrush. Not recommended for use personal care products that are composed of alkali and flavors. Avoid eating too much spicy food with flavors and food additives.

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