Why people are so easily fattens?

I wrote in a previous article about what are the criteria for the diagnosis of “obesity”. It’s time to find out where these came from the extra weight.

Currently identify several causes of obesity.

Primary obesity:

– Lack of exercise and obesity (obesity is part of a complex metabolic syndrome);

Risk factors that contribute to the development of primary or alimentary obesity: overeating, lack of exercise, female gender, low socio-economic standard of living, mental pathology;

In fact, some people have formed a psychic dependence on the reception of certain foods.

Secondary obesity.

– Endocrinological diseases.

However secondary obese patients with only 1%.

By the way, some endocrinological disorders are corrected, and some on the contrary exacerbated by taking oral contraceptives.

Just as the cause of obesity, and how the same result, is now isolated widespread metabolic syndrome

Obesity is part of a complex disease called metabolic syndrome. In addition to this complex obesity syndrome includes diseases such as hypertension, insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia, which ultimately leads to diabetes of the second type of violation of carbohydrate metabolism. Also, the metabolic syndrome observed violation of purine metabolism, and lipid, which in turn leads to disastrous consequences.

By the way in the development of metabolic disorders in addition to the large role played by food and drinking the wrong mode. Drinking water contaminated with heavy metals, chlorinated excessively, and just a small amount of liquid a negative impact on the metabolism. One option without straining to increase their consumption of water per day – filter fine purification of water that will drink water from the tap as long as necessary for the water saturation.

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