Treatment of obesity: Approaches

So, we all already know how to determine if obesity personally at me. It remains only one thing, if have discovered overweight or a certain degree of obesity is time to think about the removal of this life-threatening problem.

As you can imagine, the approaches to the treatment of obesity, there are many: from a rigid diet therapy to exhausting physical activities, from taking drugs amphetamine to hypnosis or “make another” parasites in the human intestine.

However, the absolute and the ideal method of treatment of obesity do not exist.

In the treatment of obesity requires a comprehensive approach, here I am not a pioneer.

Of what is this complex?

What you need to do to lose weight?

How to bring your weight back to normal?

If you exclude all metabolic problems, hormonal disorders and hereditary diseases that require specific therapeutic techniques, and we know that we are dealing precisely with alimentary obesity, we need to attack this beast from several sides.

Of course, an integral part of the treatment of obesity and diet therapy program will be alimentary obesity, which does not develop in the absence of errors in the diet. Liquidation of physical passivity is needed even a healthy person, not to mention people who are overweight. And yes – the first two points, as well as follow-up is strictly required and necessary in order to achieve a positive result.

Equally important is the correction of disorders of other organs and systems caused by excess body weight: can a person suffering from obesity, to be perfectly healthy in all other respects.

Fourth foundation of success that should be worked in the first place, is a psychological correction as the eating disorders (such as bulimia), and the general condition of the patient – is absolutely mentally balanced person will never become obese.

Important, but not necessarily for all the methods of correction of obesity include: support drug (drugs that increase the absorption of fat in the intestine, drugs that suppress appetite blockers of cannabinoid receptors); surgical removal of cosmetic defects; light herbal stimulants which allow you to restore the disturbed balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Next: In a future article I will focus on diet therapy, and more specifically the formation of the correct way of eating for life, to physical activities – the formation of a correct way of life, psycho-correction – the formation of the correct way of thinking in obese patients.

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