The remedy for all ills

There is a saying: all diseases of the nerves and only syphilis from pleasure. After working in the emergency room, convinced of the rightness of the first part of the phrase.

I remember the call to the patient with the occasion “a heart attack”. We arrived, the patient sits in a chair. Listening to her complaint, “I have a heart condition, I’m suffocating!” And immediately understand that the patient is getting worse in the eyes, we do not even have time to deploy ECG cardiograph and start recording. She was literally screaming, “I’m suffocating! My head is spinning! “And breathing like a steam engine that is, making quick deep breaths. Breathe like this for half a minute and you can too faint. A patient in a panic: “Hold me, I’m going to fall! I have a bad heart! My husband died of a heart attack!! “. The patient no longer hears me. In this noise and din run dismayed relatives, increasing the general commotion.

And here comes into my head the only right decision. I take out of the box vial Relanium (hypnotic drug) that is administered in the doctor’s assistant saline intravenously. One minute – and I do not believe my eyes. The patient seemed to have changed – calm, smiling, breathing normally, no complaints. Cardiogram, too, in order, nothing dangerous. We’ll have treated, the patient even said thank you.

I also remember the case when we arrived at the fire. Injured in a private house, fortunately, it was not there, but we were left to wait. Someone called one of the women, and she immediately came by taxi. Coming out of the car, a resident once accused in the incident itself, became hysterical, screaming and tears, blood pressure rose. The next hour and a half, we only deal with it.

Pricked Relanium and magnesia, watered korvalol a gave into a tablet of clonidine (all 4 drugs – sedatives), somehow calmed. But it was necessary to release the patient from the ambulance as she saw the house was burning and fire, and hysteria was repeated in a mini version. I had to stab another relanium and hand neighbor with strict instructions to produce today is not sick of the house, and tomorrow cause a GP, he wrote to something soothing tablets.

How to behave when a man came near hysteria as “acute grief” (medical term)? The most reliable way – hypnotic drug intravenously (natural psychotropic drugs usually do not close, they simply registered). Our patient was grieved because of the fire damaged the house, though, in my humble opinion, should have been glad that no one was killed or injured, but the house is not badly burned.

In such hysterics it is necessary to eliminate the effect of stimulus (for example, the type of fire), at least – to deploy a patient at 180 ° or (better) to lead to a different location. You can also use the principle of “like cures like”, i.e. to influence stronger stimulus (a pat on the cheek, sprinkle with cold water to hurt and so. D.). be sure to call an ambulance in severe cases.

Ambulance workers know about a drug that helps their regular patients at any disease – phenobarbital. Fenobarbil relates to sleeping pills. Synthesized about 100 years ago, it is a part that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and are cheap, and because patients are accepted for any reason. Knocks heart? Not enough air? Senile insomnia? In all cases, patients take Corvalol and get some relief. I tested on itself for the interest and found: the drug is effective and only 10 drops of valerian acts more 1-2 tablets. Anti-anxiety drugs also increase the effect of painkillers.

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