The effects of alcohol on the internal organs

The consequences of alcohol consumption for the nervous system. Poor nervous system. In complement to irritability, mood swings, tearfulness, inability to focus on the right business, there are mandatory alcoholism symptoms of the unconscious and almost uncontrolled contact of us – the autonomic nervous system.

Alcohol causes the body to express themselves, at what does this via the vagus nerve. Vagus nerve – Latin n. vagus – is responsible for many functions in the body, and it is constantly “pulling” an alcoholic gets full. Kingdom of the vagus are: excessive sweating, first only the feet and hands, and then all of the human body – hyperhidrosis – the body tries to get rid of the poison. Coldness of limbs, tremor, disturbance of small structural movements – write, draw, sew, do hands – alcoholics deliberately deprive themselves of these opportunities. Heard near the metro haggard uncle on the strings do not get? Now you will know why.

Then alcohol affects the nerve completion first sensitive – sensitive distorted fingers, and then the remaining parts of the arms and legs. Pins and needles, numbness, sensations decrease – signs of nerve damage. Pain in the limbs and throughout the body – the same symptoms that alcohol exerts its influence on the nervous system.

Damage to the heart of alcoholism

A heart. Vital organs? Of course. Therefore, very often alcoholics, did not live up to the death of hepatic coma (a consequence of cirrhosis), die from chronic heart failure, edema horrible, literally choking – lungs drowning in their own fluids. Why is that? And because alcohol slowly and surely has a toxic effect on the heart – to the muscle fibers of which it is composed. And muscle fibers die. Gradually, one by one – as it were extended in myocardial time. And in place of the muscle fiber becomes alien and non-functional for the tissue of the heart. After the heart has to push the blood, it must be flexible, durable, and create very high pressure in its cavities.

But the new, defective tissue is not able to perform these functions. And the heart is starting to creep away like a piece of worn-out rags. Not able to perform its function, it is trying to run faster, but inferior quality fabric cannot be reduced – have arrhythmia, palpitations. And in the end the lack of the function leads to severe stagnation of blood in the extremities and the various organs, the whole body receives less blood – and therefore oxygen and nutrition. That’s a long dying.

Harmful effects of alcohol on the stomach and liver

In the stomach, alcohol initially causes increased production of hydrochloric acid, causing gastritis and ulcers. If a peptic ulcer complications by man does not die, then the next stage – a sharp decrease in the acidity – alcohol permanently traumatized mucosa just slowly “dies.” This stomach is unable to digest food, and see another type of organ failure.

Liver. This body must have one of the most affected. Although suffering and all about the same. Exhausted from the constant neutralization of the toxins of alcohol (about them – in the next article), liver cells are injured and destroyed. The liver begins the inflammatory process, known as alcoholic hepatitis. It is not very noticeable, except that slightly yellowish complexion and mild nausea, which in alcoholics never passes. Well, the body is exhausted and functions of living cells over time, becoming less and less, but the dead are replaced by the same alien body, and non-functional new connective tissue.

The effect of this long-term process is known to all: if the alcoholics do not die in a drunken brawl, tuberculosis, or of the suicide, the more they will Cirrhosis itself. None of the toxin in the body is not detoxified. They all go into the bloodstream, saturating the brain and other important organs, such as the products of protein putrefaction or toxic products of metabolism of bile acids. Die usually such people from hepatic coma – an extremely painful condition for them and for others, accompanied, thirst, pain, hallucinations frightening character and disgusting smell of decomposing liver, originating from the patient.

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