The effects of alcohol on the development of personality.

Alcohol and alcoholism have long been pressing problems of our time. It is understandable why this disease is so distressing to the person and family. But why alcoholics “dislikes” and the state? Why in spite of the deplorable situation of medicine at the disregard of the authorities to the fate of the people, still held anti-alcohol campaign, campaign posters hang?

The answer is simple. Keep an alcoholic – a very expensive proposition. On one only emergency care is spent enormous scrip money. But alcohol leads to serious consequences for the individual, to disability, to social exclusion. And, oddly enough, the problem is partially solved by the state budget

It’s about what kind of irreparable damage alcohol causes personality and human health, and why drinking really is expensive – if you want to live a long time, if not, then at least qualitatively.

The destructive effects of alcohol on the human

What alcohol does to the most important, so that no man – no longer a man, with his own “I”, with the person? To begin with, we have: narrowing of interests, flippant attitude to excesses, troubles and follies that have committed while intoxicated. Then flippant attitude carries over to the consequences of these troubles: “I came to work drunk, and I was told to go home, awoke. Well, do not worry, soon forgotten”.

Almost at the same time the person takes the position tactics: problems at work, the wife of bastard, parents do not understand depression, greatly strained – it is necessary to relax … some people just no drag, which are no reasons not to feel shame. But not because of shame. To the surrounding spared and less reproach. And who likes to hear reproaches?

Next: relatives, employees, doctors try to explain to the person that he took the wrong stance. It’s no secret that alcoholics are absolutely critical to the condition, and if critical – recognize the subsistence of a problem, and then lightly apply to it. Begin very typical episodes insincere remorse, does not fulfill the promise “to stop drinking,” “get it over with once and for all.” In situations where you can break and have a drink, suggestibility of these people comes to the ridiculous, but the mood instability, unevenness in the first place the family begins to suffer. And of course, sooner or later it comes to delirium tremens, which was not enough said.

Effect of alcohol on a person’s work ability

The next stage begins conflicts with family and work problems. With the work of all like classics virtually all alcoholics, first out of the ordinary (extraordinary, responsible, value – does not matter) employee man becomes a “pacifier” – simulates labor activity, with virtually doing nothing, or doing the minimum necessary to preserving visibility of work. Then the surface is formed formal attitude: go there not to have dismissed, and it is necessary to house not abused. It lasts a long time is not. It begins a series of changes of places of business – from professional to the loaders on the market. But there alcoholics fired – because it is impossible to work with them. Episodes of violations of labor discipline not leave anyone indifferent boss. And all this progress, compounded over the years.

Almost in the end we see, “rough” personality, continuing social fall, which speaks about his condition in the rough joking manner. The falsity and boastfulness – the inherent features of an alcoholic – he’s trying to hide them completely trouble. Living people are old mental reserves, losing the initiative, creativity. They are plagued by memory disorders, attention disorders.

Frankly, my opinion on this matter is as follows. Alcoholism, like many other diseases (almost all existing persons under 80 years of age) – is the result of life in society. This abhorrent social overprotection on each. The collapse custody corrupts a person. Every alcoholic knows that the time he will buy vodka, “it will change the diaper”, that will take care of it: relatives, family. And when taking care nobody wants, as much on personality degraded that he saw around him nothing but the constant need to deliver itself a little more fun.

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