The consequences of food addiction

What is so dangerous obesity, why shout about it publicly?

As I already wrote, Obesity is part of the metabolic syndrome.

But it is – obesity – is a trigger for developing metabolic syndrome in an existing predisposition to it.

On the basis of the changes included in the metabolic syndrome, we can say that being overweight, as well as, and in fact obesity without doubt lead you to diabetes, hypertension, abnormal lipid metabolism – a pledge of coronary heart disease and atherosclerotic lesions of cerebral vessels, as well as well as other vessels. Disorders of purine metabolism lead their owners to nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), and gout. And this is only part of the side-effects of obesity.

Given that every new kilogram necessary to provide nutrients, in addition to increasing the volume of circulating blood, the body has to increase the heart norm – the heart works hard, both during intoxication with amphetamines, but continuously.

Lungs are not fully cracking down, and breathing is not enough for the full scope of to “feed” the whole organism – there is shortness of breath. Increased blood volume exceeds the compensatory possibilities of vascular walls – there are varicose veins and hemorrhoids, headaches. And it all starts to appear already in the first stage of obesity. What next?

The pathology of the veins directly leads to an increased risk of thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism, which is essentially a fatal disease (as well as pursuing the obese people heart attacks, strokes and other vascular events) .

All this strongly overweight affect pressure on the intervertebral discs and articulation of the lower extremities, which wear out much faster than they are allotted. As a result, among people who are obese are very common deforming arthritis, leading to joint failure (it ceases to function and people cannot walk). As well as herniated discs – one of the most common consequences of obesity.

This sad reduces the quality of life, leading to disability, to a waste of material resources earned on drugs and paradoxically – on food.

Incidentally, the passion with which people suffering from alimentary obesity, snapped at the food may have biochemical conditions, such as the formation of physical dependence with addiction.

People who are obese tend to have certain mental barriers to active steps towards improving their health. These patients suffer from a volitional act (they will not be able to make a decision and follow it), they are apathetic and indifferent to his condition.

Therefore, correction of body weight in obese people rationally pursue complex, together with psychotherapeutic techniques. Although, of course, you can lose weight and free of charge.

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