Swine flu: people are dying of acute respiratory infections – or again on the season

Months go-go series of, and urgent topic of “flu, SARS” remains as relevant, because the epidemic did not even think to go on the decline, on the contrary, we have a new surge in the incidence of respiratory infections. Today I will write about why it is so important not tolerate cold on my feet, to be treated in a timely manner and to engage in prevention. Well it’s clear – prevention is cheaper and for the purse, and for the body.

What are the dangers in it carries a viral respiratory infection, which did not pay enough attention?

If you do not treat the flu and flu-like symptoms is easy to recognize: a cutting rise in temperature, pain in the muscles, particularly in the muscles of the back, eyeballs, aches throughout the body, in the joints, severe pain in the throat («blazing shed” during the inspection), Sore, dry cough, nasal bleeding, redness of the conjunctiva of the eye (tear-stained eyes like a child). So, if left untreated, that is trying to go to work / school, swallowing antipyretic, instead of sitting at home, drinking the same fever.

But with strict bed rest, we have a toxic pulmonary edema (severe condition, not rarely leads to death of the patient – as in the swine flu). In children up to 5-7 years – false croup (reflex spasm of the larynx, leading to suffocation). The disintegration of cells and allergy covers the upper respiratory tract can conduct to the development of asthma. Very severe kidney disease – glomerulonephritis – can also occur due to renal disease antigens complexes with cells of the body. The virus is excreted from the body using the kidneys and sweat, so it is important during illness to drink plenty of fluids. Severe complications are waiting and nervous system: arachnoiditis (inflammation of the arachnoid lining of the brain), brain edema, accompanied by cessation of breathing, hemorrhage (stroke) in the brain substance with the development of paralysis.

Guillain-Barré syndrome – multiple paralyzes muscles in the body maintaining sensitivity of the skin; Reye’s syndrome is (at lower temperatures aspirin) – it is a multiple of fatty degeneration of internal organs (they are simply no longer perform its function). Bacterial complications – severe pneumonia (caused by bacteria due to lower disease immunity and damage the respiratory tract mucosa, which also protects against penetration of pathogenic organisms As well as upper respiratory disease in the form of otitis media, sinusitis, tonsillitis (all in the acute form) In the midst of.. disease in the body have a habit of aggravated all chronic diseases, so important, when the first symptoms of influenza – to lie down, call a doctor, and drink tea with lemon and raspberry jam.

But apart from the flu is still a lot of SARS, for which it is also necessary to pay attention. False croup with parainfluenza develops in children even more often than the flu. But pneumonia occurs more easily and often do not require hospitalization. But we should not forget that in a weakened body, in young children, the presence of other diseases, parainfluenza may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the recipe is still the same: to stay at home, do not infect others, to recover and to drink more.

Respiratory syncytial infection – the most severe in children, but adults whose body can be weakened, gravity flow may reach a maximum in some cases. So, RS-infection is the abundance of mucus from the nose and a dry hacking cough, inflamed throat, headache, and the temperature rise of 24-72 hours of the onset of symptoms. Complications – severe pneumonia, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis (ultimately leads to cardio-pulmonary insufficiency).

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