Soon again the season of nasal polyps, what to do?

The cold time of the year – the period of acute virtually all seasonal diseases, and in the spring – and even allergic component raises his head. But this does not mean that sinusitis, adenoids, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and other winter rest. No, they all crawl out into the cold, vitamin deficiency, reduced the native and general immunity. As a result, we have? That’s right – nasal polyps. When sprawl than their children and the associated constant difficulty of nasal breathing can lead to lower intelligence and delayed mental and physical development of the child. There is even a specific patient habitus, which are nasal polyps – puffiness of the face of the nose and paranasal areas, open mouth, slightly sunken chin.

Despite the wide disease, its consequences are dangerous enough – from the rapid proliferation polypous tissue and complete cessation of breathing through the nose, ending oncopathology (polypous regeneration of tissue in the tumor) and violation of the child’s intellectual development.

It is therefore necessary and timely treat polyposis. What do you mean there is no alternative. Treat polyps need ONLY methods, and all sorts of “poultice” can only contribute to the progression of the process. Surgical treatment should be combined with drug therapy, compliance hypoallergenic diet, avoidance of exposure to allergens in the home. In this case, the number of operations can be reduced to almost possible minimum.

Such operations using new modern equipment, an adequate level of anesthesia and guarantee a thorough scrubbing of the sinuses are conducted now is not in all clinics, many simply delete that part of the polyps, which create problems when breathing while completely ignoring, for example, the labyrinth of the ethmoid bone – source pollipoznoy tissue growth. Qualitatively, you can remove polyps in the cathedral clinics, as well as in private (e.g. ENT Clinic Oleneva – they have there only candidate among the staff work, and all the doctors with good experience) .

If you want to sweat out of the polyps – do not pull with surgery. The earlier – the more reliable.

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