Psychiatric New Year

In our department of psychiatry currently lie two very rich women. Both at the insistence in his mother’s hospital, because their daughters mental health did not allow to keep them at home. But it was not enough intellect a little earlier at mothers, to understand that the daughters did need medical attention. “Girlfriends” most likely the New Year will also be celebrated in the department, because the home they prescribe is not yet possible.

Very distressed ladies, both with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, both without hallucinatory experiences, both delusional to … well, let’s say, to madness: one intrusive, scandalous, every few hours invents a new disease, requires 10-15 times a day to measure her blood pressure and complains that her staff steals, screaming at her, she beats (this Madame recently tried to hang on to their personnel department of a broken arm of a lattice).

Naturally all this absolute nonsense and nothing like not even close. Just as attention to itself draws. The second noise, rowdy, disputes the prescribed treatment, require permit to use a mobile. Both categorically do not accept any criticism, and, worst of all, virtually corrected with medication – as the home supportive care is always disrupted and they have drug resistance – hoo! In general, the problem.

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