Physical dependence: here it is

We deal with many, almost all the difficulties to be overcome in life. But in practice, there are situations and conditions in which man is no longer master of himself. And come to this not so difficult at all. Simply show weakness, loss of control, not just listen to yourself and others – and now, people are physically dependent. And that means physically dependent – which means that the drug is no longer simply “an escape from reality” for him, “help in the fight against depression,” “the opportunity of self-affirmation.” There is now a drug for humans as necessary as air, like water, like food, like life in order to live it.

Why is this happening? As some sort of chemical or entertainment could be vital?

The answer lies in the occurrence of physical dependence syndrome. physical dependence – this is physiologically difficult, most painful and most dangerous part of a large Abuse Syndrome. Because it is under the influence of physical dependence degrades man as a person – it causes physical dependence to fight and to seek, to find and not to yield.

The first component of physical dependence syndrome is a physical attraction (it is also called compulsive – uncontrolled, unrestrained). If the psychic attraction, which was written in the previous article, is obsessive – controversial, causing a struggle in the human person, the physical attraction does not leave room for any struggle of motives. It completely dominates the control and competitive motives.

It’s just a mad desire to get and use for other purposes. The degree of this desire is that drowns out the locks and the basic instincts of man, which in principle are difficult to suppress: food, sex, self-preservation – they are oppressed by the dominant attraction, absorbing all unconscious. Places in the intellect of not physically dependent left for any other ideas, experiences.

In addition to the above, physical attraction is also accompanied by a deterioration of the general condition, the so-called vegetative symptoms. Increased sweating (up to profuse sweat when the shirt is changed every 5 minutes, and the man immediately effusions new wave, and all bedding, clothing again wet), palpitations, discomfort in the chest, blurred vision (mainly – as a result of the extension of the pupils) , salivation, tears, snot, chair disorder, tremor (trembling), chills – that’s the charm of unsuccessful attempts to restore the body’s metabolic disturbances.

In general, physical attraction is divided into three types: physical attraction during withdrawal (deprivation of the drug) – it will describe the structure of withdrawal syndrome (a very terrible enemy addict), physical attraction is the state of intoxication, physical attraction during intoxication.

Physical attraction while intoxicated appearance is very similar to greed. It looks like an irresistible (as well as all kinds of physical attraction), desire to “catch up” after a certain stage of intoxication. Then another, and there is loss of control over the situation (also one of the reliable signs of the coming / the ensuing addiction) – the person does not adequately assess the place, time, circumstances drug reception. There comes this kind of desire before the others. It can be regarded as a transitional stage of psychic dependence in physical dependence, it is very important to assess the human condition and prognosis on its future.

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