Oral contraception as an alternative to condoms

There are many types of contraception: barrier contraception, contraceptive chemical, biological contraception, calendar, temperature, intrauterine device, oral method of contraception and sterilization. The most effective and fairly inexpensive way – oral hormonal contraception. Oral contraception does not cause problems such as candidiasis. When used properly, oral contraceptives, their effectiveness is 100%. The first oral contraceptives were invented in 1923, and a tablet containing a dose of hormones, which is now contained in the packaging of the drug.

First, let’s understand what oral hormonal contraception is

These pharmacological preparations containing in its composition the female sex hormones that enter your body in a state of false pregnancy. Preparations of modern sample contain miniscule dose of hormones, so it is not necessary to be frightened once heard of birth control tablets. Weight increases are not from the use of tablets, but from an excessive amount of food consumed. You eat the quantity of food, focusing on its normal metabolism, but your body thinks you are pregnant and working in nutrient reserve mode. Therefore, to beware such undesirable consequences, you can just sit on a diet if decide is to take advantage of this view of contraception. Oral contraception may be recommended for diseases such as cervical erosion.

Oral hormonal contraception includes such drugs: postcoital, progestin or minipill and combined oral contraceptives. Postcoital contraceptive taken immediately after unprotected intercourse, but no as soon as than 72 hours. However, these drugs contain a huge dose of hormones, so use them very often not worth it.

Progestogens hormonal contraceptives can be taken even while breastfeeding harm their child will not be any. Their only disadvantage is the need not only receives daily, but even in the same time interval.

Regarding of oral contraception action, they are composed of several species contain hormones and are considered the most effective. Therefore, most women use it combined oral contraceptives.

Many girls choose an oral contraceptive method in order to gain weight with a strong thinness, reduce the unpleasant sensation of pain during menstruation. And for the treatment of hormonal diseases are appointed by oral hormonal preparations, which contain a lot more female hormones. So, at the solution to use this method of protection as oral contraceptives, you should in any case consult a doctor.

How to use oral contraceptives. We must remember one very important point, the maximum interval between doses of hormone pills should be no more than thirty six hours. If you will take more time – the contraceptive effect will be lost. Upon receipt of the first pack hormones need to use a rubber, as the effect of tablets begins after the first month of use. Begin to make the best OK on the first day of the menstrual circle. Contrary to popular conviction, oral contraceptives do not contribute to obesity. After 21 days of taking the pills, it is advisable to take a break, during which menstruation occur and. Oral contraception – the most effective and available to each method of preventing undesirable pregnancy. But remember, the tablets will not save you from diseases that can be transmitted sexually, so this tool must be used with a regular sexual partner in which you believe.

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