Mental health and interior

Do you know the readers of my blog that the internal arrangement of the apartment, the main color, the order of things and their subordination to a certain internal logic, will help draw conclusions about the psycho-emotional state and his mental health. Of course, if this step was not made a week ago, and people just do not have time all aligned with the inner world.

So, in the apartment of a schizophrenic, you are unlikely to find a built-in wardrobes – most likely, it will be marginal people with very low income, the apartment will be a lot of garbage, colors of furniture and wallpaper, if any, is likely to become unbearable for the eyes in just a few minutes (again, if a person is “repair” has been carried out since the disease manifest). It may be some pretentiousness in the position of furniture, shelves, flowers, clothes. Perhaps it will be perfect, unnatural procedures and sparkling clean, and each object is its strict place where the subject can not be moved.

In patients with depression, you will probably find the curtained windows, an extremely narrow range of household items, with a long and severe depression are likely to be layers of dust on surfaces and dirt on the floor, although, of course, with the schizophrenic bedlam in which waste mixed with carcasses and clothes patient neubrannost depressive patient does not compare animals.

The man with delusions can be home – the result of hyperactivity, but you can see some very strange design: for example, a table, new cut from colored adhesive tape or squares cut from a curtain of snowflakes on the ceiling.

Although, in a manic state of the patient can even buy a case, and install it yourself, using only a guide on the Internet, as well as to embed it into the wall to the neighbors. By the way, if we choose a cabinet with a warranty, and cheaper – it’s better to do on Pikasso.bu – after another not quite mentally perfect artist. In the hallway, bedroom, living room, on your project – do not necessarily fall into the mania to slightly improve their homes.

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