Men will have more fun using the new generation of condoms

Australian scientists have carried out the development of such modern means of contraception, as a new generation of condoms for male pleasure. The latest development of means of protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases will be made of modern materials of dense hydrogel, which also may used enhance for male erections during sexual intercourse and sexual feelings. The author of this innovation is an Australian researcher in the field of biomedicine Robert Gorkin. He and his research team are working on the invention of contraceptives, such as the new generation of condoms.

Many modern scholars confidently will be able to say that the new generation of male condoms for pleasure will not bypass the attention of the male half of humanity. Reduced sexual sensation, desire has always been consequence the lack of barrier contraception. But with this method as a new generation of male condoms for pleasure about the data problems can be forgotten. Since latex condoms, even the finest, for men are always worse than unprotected intercourse, they choose sex without a condom. And this, in turn, is fraught with bad consequences, such as unwanted pregnancy, or various kinds of infectious diseases.

At this point, I would like a little more to tell you about the undesirable consequences of unprotected sex. Let’s start with an unwanted pregnancy. You can certainly use the method of emergency contraception, but this method is only valid for 72 hours after sexual intercourse. And when the woman has a menstrual cycle there is a delay in this case is necessary to resort to medical or surgical abortion. This kind of psychological trauma and disruption of the normal functioning of the female body. In addition, from the standpoint of religion, or even human humanity – it is a kind of murder.

Use of the new generation of male condoms for pleasure and not only

And on account of infections that are sexually transmitted, then all simple. You can “catch” a virus that modern medicine cannot win. And all you have left – it’s either the rest of his life to take supportive care or to die a slow death. These pathogens include hepatitis viruses and Human Immunodeficiency. So think whether to take the risk.

With regard to innovations in condoms, the Gorkin asserts that with their help you can easily stimulate sexual sensations during sex. Feels like a condom will be similar to the skin, but enjoy sex with a condom will be many times more. Plus a high quality protection from all the horror that we have listed above. So, dear man, you receive true pleasure even in a condom. Production of this innovation in contraception will launch in the near future. They will combine strength, practicality and safety.

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