Deviation, or the onset of schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia – a very insidious disease that often manifests quite early in adolescence and early adulthood. With that appearance the beginning of the disease, when appointing intensive care, it is possible to put a “therapeutic barrier” for the disease and prevent the formation of pronounced schizophrenic defect looks like traits that are common to all teenagers. That is apparently the behavior takes traits of psychopathy, or deviation, but under it all can be covered in fact developing schizophrenia.

For example, if you pay attention to the so popular now photo emo fights that hung almost the entire Internet? After all, in spite of a very strange and sometimes even frightening appearance, is not they CBE, or rather very few, no more frequently than in the general population have certain mental disorders.

How to recognize the disease germ in a child? The protest, conflict, brutality and independence – are common features of all adolescents, as well as the desire to lose weight, dissatisfaction with their body in general and the specific traits of appearance, in particular. But there is a point at which the symptoms of mental disorders are real. Anorexia nervosa, obsessive desire to have an operation (not giving any criticism), coldness, callousness and complete lack of Sympathy to the loved ones who were closest to the patient, vagrancy, leaving home, strong exposure to the influence of bad company – a teenager as it lost its will when exposed to strangers, while he categorically refuses to listen to the parents – here you need to catch that fine line, for which the limit of normal, age-related features becomes a pathology.

If you are worrying behavior of the child, and you realize that it goes beyond the usual incontinence – you can see it by comparing it to all (and not just with calm and household) peers – do not hesitate to ask for advice at least to a child psychologist. Perhaps there is teenage depression, or simply an internal conflict, which allow a teenager to help the specialist. But it may be at the root of the problem is something more terrible – then the sooner “it” will be revealed – the better for you and for your children.

By the way, here too it is not clear with the saints – on the one hand Saint Charbel was like as a saint, but the information “at a distance” is obtained by a “special gift” – we have such “holy” enough is hospitalized, especially in the spring.

And in order to feel good and advise to try belly dancing Kiev Obolon – physical training usually have a positive impact on the mental health of people who in fact are no pathology.

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