Career in medicine. Or retirees, away from the workplace!

Soon I will finish university. And waiting for my share of difficult modern doctor who has no relatives engaged in medical practice. Literally it can be read as: the lack of jobs. It’s a shame, but employment in the case of doctors is not even about the money, and the family hierarchy. There is family – anywhere, so stick where warmer. I hurt. Now I do understand that all these illiterate, uneducated people who bite their teeth granite Science on the bench next to me, will soon take the “warm” in every respect places. And I may never have to use most of their knowledge and skills in practice I yet like that kind of situation in our health care: all the people go out after work retire and doctors – to the cemetery. Rarely can you find a doctor who retired before 70 years.

But this is not right! Yes, there are old doctors who know and remember all. But most of them – the cemetery of outdated knowledge and concepts, which nobody uses. Sitting, waiting, or grandchildren, so that they gave way to a place, or their death. And I have nowhere to run. I and dozens of my fellow students, classmates. I can clearly tell you about why physicians should retire. Most of them are not capable of self-education. But times change, so does the approach to various diseases, their diagnosis and treatment. As a result, we get a huge number of “experts” whose knowledge is irrevocably obsolete and are no longer able to absorb anything new.

These doctors are sitting in their seats, and we treat the old, ineffective, harmful to health and medicines a scheme that it is high time to rest. Confirmation – here’s a story here. We at the Department of the university teacher sitting – grandmother for 70 years. It not only teaches students, but also treats people, pregnant women leads. And this man taught us in class that Trichomonas is treated 2-week course of reception Trichopolum, one tablet three times a day. And just as she treats her pregnant! But even we, the students, we know that such a regimen not only have absolutely no effect on this pernicious simplest, but also detrimental to the liver.

We tried to ask her about it and get back a bunch of yelling that’s when they themselves will work, then we will decide how and whom to treat. And it is such a method. Man is not engaged in the diagnosis of diseases, she yells at pregnant women, hates students … Where is her place? Retired. Definitely. After dozens of its students whom she has trained then go to work and continue to make her own mistakes, not even bothering to examine the books, are going to go the conference. I am against the elderly in the workplace.

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