ADHD, autism – suffer the smallest

Unfortunately, in recent years it has been steadily increasing the number of mental disorders among children. And if in the adult psychiatry polymorphism (diversity of manifestations) of mental illness is very wide, the children have a reverse trend due to functional immaturity of the central nervous system of many diseases hiding “under the guise of” other pathologies.

According to statistics, these children, for example, becomes more and more with each year: in 2000, one patient accounted for ten thousand newborns without this pathology, in 2005: a sick child in the 300 newborns, and in just three years, the number of children suffering autism has increased two times. Now, 150 infants without autism, we see one autistic. It’s terrible figures, considering the number of the rest of perinatal and neonatal pathology, genetic and chromosomal diseases that affect the psyche and its development.

Incidentally, Autism has the same tendency as that of other psychiatric illness. In more developed countries, cases of mental disorders are much more common than in the less developed. So in England on 80 newborn children is autistic.

But children already born so, not knowing the cause can hardly come up with effective methods of prevention. We can live with these children, to promote their social adaptation, to teach them and learn to cope with the very features of their world view.

It helps in the process of social adaptation: lessons in special schools, low load and specially trained teachers, lessons with child psychologists, child psychiatrists and intervention, as an option – drug correction of infantile autism.

But it is not a small role played by various Tutorials, which are in the form of games give the child develop memory and expand its horizons and circle of friends. Widely used in specialized schools Lego , Rubik’s Cube, Scrabble-type games, games, involving the coordination of development.

In a rational approach, competent and timely correction of the start of the work with the child he has a chance to not only finish high school, but also to go to college, to adapt in the future to create a family and live a full life. Although, of course, features of the disease will always be reflected in the character traits, behavior (especially in emergency situations), but it would not be sick and maladjusted people, and a full member of society.

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